Hayden Mills

UX/Product Designer

Hey, I'm Hayden. I'm dedicated to refining my design process in order to design solutions that empower people to live better lives.

Check out more of my work here below.


Autonomous Semi-Trucks

I worked on a team of designers for a school project where we designed an alert system for the 2025 Mercedes Benz autonomous semi-truck. The system we designed alerts drivers when they are needed to take control of the wheel.

Healthcare + Design

I'm interested in designing in the healthcare industry one day. I have found a lack of resources and material online regarding healthcare tech and design. My goal with Healthcare + Design is to create that resource for myself and others.

Homer for Microsoft Word

A digital assistant for Microsoft Word that helps students write their papers and learn to better manage their time.

Steak 'n Shake

I was on a team of designers who helped design a Steak ‘n Shake milkshake button and light that improved customer service and overall customer experience.

All Trails

Along with three other team members, I helped redesign the All Trails rating and review system feature for a class project.



During my 8 month long internship with Adproval I led a small design team on a complete web and blog design for the digital agency side of the business called Mavenly.


DinnerCall needed a few marketing pages designed so I designed a few pages for their "Billion Dinners" campaign.

The Lasting Hope

I worked with the pop rock band The Lasting Hope to give their website a complete overhaul.


I built out various marketing pages for Adproval during my 8 month internship. I also designed and developed features within the web app.

IU Chi Alpha

IU Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry in Bloomington, Indiana, needed a website. I developed a mobile friendly website that made it simple for new students, members, and staff to interact with the minstry.

What's for Lunch Btown

Me and my friends never could decide where to eat in Bloomington so I created What's for Lunch Btown. It's a simple web app that gives you a random place to eat for lunch in Bloomington, Indiana.


I aggregated a list of CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript responsive navigation examples, demos, and tutorials from all over the World Wide Web.


Font Pair

It was Christmas break and I was tired of trying to find different font pairs that worked well together so I created Font Pair. It helps designers and developers pair Google fonts together.

Willkie Residence Center

I worked at Willkie for two years as a Community Manager during my undergrad at IU. One of my duties included running the social media accounts and website. I did a complete overhaul of the website and designed a new mobile friendly one for new students to see what Willkie had to offer.

Paintings for Strangers

I met a dude on Kickstarter who was doing some awesome artwork and giving it away for free. I asked if he needed help building a website. I built the site over a weekend and it helped him reach his Kickstarter goal.


I met some friends in Chicago while interning for the summer and they needed a podcasting website.

3D Custom Creations

I had a friend named Andrew who needed a website for his 3D printing business so I helped him out. Jo joined me to make another awesome promotional video.

Flappy Cat

Flappy Bird was all the rage and I wanted to create an HTML5 clone. Flappy Cat was born.

Proverb a Day

I started reading Hacker News everyday and realized people learned new skills by making things called side projects. Proverb a Day was my first.


Indiana Young Farmers Association

In 2013 I was on a roll and found another local organization that needed a new website!

Enter His Courts

My first ever web design client was a local basketball league who needed a new website. My friend, Jo, made a bomb video for them as well.

Mills Digital

I wanted to use my new found web design skills, so I started a digital agency. I made it an LLC and asked my friend Jo Fipps if he wanted to join and be the videography side of our digital agency. We had a launch party where we gave away t-shirts and our moms came.


Hello, World!

I was a senior in highschool, in Mrs. Lake's "Web Design" class, when I fell in love with building things on the web.